Bet365 Casino Live Hi-Lo

Bet365 Casino Live Hi-Lo

Bet365 Casino Live Hi-Lo is one of the newest games to be added to Playtech’s celebrated live dealer game selection. It has only been released this July 2015, but it has quickly gained popularity among the international gaming community. It is currently available in Playtech’s European-styled live casino, which means the casino action is shot live from a studio in Riga, Latvia. Bet365 Casino Live Hi-Lo provides an advanced yet comprehensive user interface, complete with a live chat option which allows players to interact with their live croupier. Overall, this live dealer game provides a homey and luxurious ambiance, replete with fun gaming experiences.

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The Basics of Bet365 Casino Live Hi-Lo

Hi-Lo of Bet365 Live Casino is played with a deck of twelve cards, which contains all standard cards apart from 10, with half of these being red and the other half black. The objective of Live Hi-Lo Gambler is to guess the value of the next card when compared to the base card. As it is, this simple and unsophisticated gameplay that grants high opportunities for big wins is they key factor as to why this Bet365 Live Dealer Game from Playtech became popular very quickly among online casino punters.

Nonetheless, Bet365 Casino Live Hi-Lo could only be played curing certain times, unlike the other popular live dealer games such as Live Blackjack or Live Baccarat. This live dealer game can be played from 14:00 GMT up to 01:00 GMT. So if you want to try this game out, you better take note of this game schedule.

Playing Bet365 Casino Live Hi-Lo

Bet365 Casino Live Hi-Lo starts when the croupier burns three (3) cards and then draws a base card. Players have about 15 seconds to place their bets, which they can do so by selecting their preferred chip value, and then placing it on the expected outcome.

Once all wagers have been placed, the croupier will then burn another three (3) cards, and then he or she will reveal the result card. This card determines whether you won the bet or not. You can Collect All or Collect Some of the returns before proceeding to the next round. For this ensuing round, the previous result card now becomes the base card.

Online punters can bet on either Red or Black (x1.92 ), numbers 2-5, 6-9 and Jack-Ace (x2.89), King and Ace (x5.78), Ace (x11.56) and Snap (x12.06), which is a basically predicting that the next card will be the same as base card.

Betting on the Higher and Lower card is also offered, with possible payouts noticeably depending on the value of the base card. Betting limits range from €2 to €20, whereas the maximum payout is set at €200.

Additionally, casino players also have access to a comprehensive History tool, which is situated on the right side of the Bet365 Casino Live Hi-Lo user interface.

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