Live Three Card Poker

One of the most popular variations of the classic game of Poker is the Three Card Poker. It is an unsophisticated poker game, and it provides loads of fun and thrills to play as a live dealer game. This version of Live Poker is played following the standard poker rules, and thus casino punters can take advantage of certain basic and advanced strategies. Players can employ various poker tactics when they would like to boost their chances of winning, instead of just depending on plain ol’ luck.

The Kinds of Bets in Three Card Poker

When you connect into a Live Gaming room or table, the first thing a player has to do is to verify the kinds of bets provided for that certain game. You should remember that the bets slightly vary, depending on the live game provider. The traditional Three Card Poker live games offer the regular Ante and Play bets – bets that are both made against the croupier. In addition to that, a Pairs bet and a Side bet could also be placed. Lately, a new kind of bet has been added to enrich the game experience, and this is often provided with Three Card Poker live games. This new bet is called the Six Card Bonus, and payouts can be collected based on the best five card hand from six combined cards, which are the croupier’s three and the player’s three.

When to Raise Bet in Three Card Poker

Utilising the Raise option in Three Card Poker could be quite challenging, because the risk is doubled. We’ve got some basic tips for you, though. Raise your bet in Ante and Play whenever you are dealt a Queen, a Six and a Four (or greater). You draw the line with this hand, anything lower just fold and wait for the next hand. Since the croupier needs a Queen high or greater in order to qualify, this combination of cards will give you the highest possibilities of winning.

The Ante Bet in Three Card Poker

The most common bets placed during a Live Three Card Poker game are usually the Ante and Pairs Plus wagers for the same amount. However, the safest way to bet on this game is to place the majority of your bets on the Ante, because this is where the best chances of winning lie. The fact that it also has the lowest house edge just adds to the already high probability.

On the other hand, playing Pairs Plus does grant higher cash wins. Yet, it would be better to avoid this tempting wager more often than not. Betting on Pairs Plus could only be considered until you establish a large enough bankroll, and could thus risk higher amounts of cash.

Playing Three Card Poker certainly provides plenty of classic poker fun! Play with the prettiest dealers and finest live games, here at TV Casino Live!