Live Keno

kenoEssentially the same as the lottery, the game of Keno is very popular in both offline and online casinos. Huge payouts and hefty jackpots are just a couple of the reasons why Keno is so popular. The game is best played at premium online casinos, because these gaming hubs provide much higher maximum payouts when compared to land-based casinos. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t forget that Live Keno is still largely a game of chance. While there is no sure-fire, proven game strategy for Live Keno, or the regular Keno for that matter, we can give you certain game strategies here at TV Casino Live that can boost your chances of winning.

Look for a Good Live Keno Game Provider

As mentioned above, online gaming hubs provide a better Keno gaming experience compared to the Keno booths at land-based gaming centres. Nonetheless, the online casino providers also have some differences on the way they manage and present Live Keno, especially the game’s payout rates. The logical thing to do at the onset is to find a Live Casino provider where you could be very comfortable, and has good payouts. We have several Live Casino Game providers here at TV Casino Live, and you can certainly pick one from those. You have our 100% guarantee that all of them provide premium quality gaming services.

Keno’s Basic Game Mechanics

The game of Keno is actually one of the simplest casino games; but do not be fooled by its simplicity, since it presents a great deal of thrills and gaming excitement! The main aim in a Live Keno game is to predict or guess which featured numbers, from 1 to 80, will be drawn at each Keno game round. As stated previously, Keno is very similar to a lottery game, but it’s played way faster and more frequently in quick progression. One round in a game of Keno can start and be finished in just a matter of minutes! Simply put, Live Keno is an incredibly fun game for punters who likes to test the limits of their luck!

Picking your Keno Numbers

In regular Keno and Live Keno, casino punters can pick up to a maximum of 10 numbers, and a minimum of 4 numbers. Contrary to popular belief though, the safest way to play Keno is to limit your numbers. Aye, don’t go to the maximum 10 numbers all the time; picking 5-6 numbers at a time is much more beneficial in Live Keno. Also, another great TV Casino Live tip for Keno is to stick to your fave numbers. Do not change your Keno numbers every round! People often choose their lucky numbers according to their birth date or an important event in their lives, but whichever way you pick them the best strategy for Keno is to stick by them for as long as you play the game.

Aren’t you ready for some Live Keno fun yet? Deploy some of those useful strategies! Play at TV Casino Live NOW!