Live Blackjack

Play Blackjack with Style!
Live BlackjackLive Blackjack is certainly one of the most popular and most played casino games of all time! In fact, countless online punters from all over the world play it here at TV Casino Live. This is because it is easy to play, as the game mechanics are quite simple. The game objective in Blackjack is to outscore the croupier’s hand, which can be achieved in several ways:

  • Acquire 21 points on the player’s first two cards (this instance is called “Blackjack”), without the croupier getting a blackjack hand as well
  • Player obtains a higher score than the croupier in his/her final hand (without going over 21)
  • The croupier draws an extra card and exceeds 21

Sounds simple, right? This is perhaps one of the main reasons why Live Blackjack has become very popular; due to its simple mechanics, but exciting gameplay. Many casino punters actually go out of their way just to pick up some useful blackjack strategies; fortunately we’ve got some Live Blackjack tips for you here at TV Casino Live!

Here are some Live Blackjack strategies based on the strategies that Kaplan’s team employed during their heydays.

  1. 17 is a stable score to aim for

Considered to be the safest and easiest score to get, 17 is a very good number to aim for in Blackjack. It is often called soft 17. Also, keep in mind to split 8s and aces as much as possible, and to double down when you score 11. When you get 17, stand hard on that score and you already have a high chance of winning that round.

  1. Play strategy based on the croupier’s shown card

If the croupier’s shown card is 7 or higher, do not settle for a score lower than 17 (e.g. a score of 16 or lower, like 15 or 13). When the croupier’s card shows a 7, keep in mind that there is a very high likelihood that his or her score is 17 or higher. Additionally, do not split on 10s or 5s as well, as this will most likely lead you to a bust.

  1. Do NOT bet according to Myths and Superstition!

Yes it can’t be helped to listen and believe in some myths or superstitions surrounding a certain game, especially betting games like Blackjack, as plenty of people believe that winning in it involves pure luck. Nevertheless, there is a particular science behind card games, especially on Live Blackjack, and some genuine and practical casino tips. Thus, do not ever believe in losing or winning streaks, or cold and hot tables or croupiers. The best thing about Blackjack is that you make your own luck! Always play with level-headed thinking, so avoid playing under the influence of alcohol, and do not get brash by over-betting when you suddenly have this impulse that you’re on “lucky time”. Also, avoid playing for very long hours, as this might tire you out mentally, and this may very well cloud your judgment and ability to make intelligent choices.

All in all, Live Blackjack is not just your card game based on random draws and Luck; it is a smart game! So play it strategically if you want to win. Sign Up for TV Casino Live NOW, and stay tuned for more gaming guides and strategies!