Live Hi-Lo

Striving to bring you the best of the best live dealer games on the market today, TV Casino Live brings you some Live Hi-Lo gaming action too! With its simple and easy game mechanics, Hi-Lo has attracted many casino players, new and veteran punters alike. Despite its simple gameplay, this casino game certainly provides plenty of intense casino gaming action.

Hi-Lo Casino Game: Simple but Amazing!

Live Hi-Lo is one of the newest casino games to have been added to the live dealer games portfolio of the premium online game providers, including TV Casino Live. It features an advanced, high-end user interface and Live Chat functions, which certainly enhances the overall gaming experience of online punters.

In its most basic concept, Hi-Lo is played with a primary deck of 12 cards, which contains the standard deck of game cards apart from 10, with half of it being red while the other half is black. The main game objective in playing Live Hi-Lo is to predict or guess the value of the next card accurately, when compared to the base card. It is this simple gameplay mechanics and the vast potential for large wins that have made Live Hi-Lo highly popular in a relatively short amount of time since it was first introduced as a live dealer game.

Playing a Live Dealer Hi-Lo Game

The basic mechanics and guidelines in playing Live Hi-Lo are as follows:

  • The game begins with a one (1) card being displayed at the centre of the table.
  • If the game is a newly opened table, three (3) cards will be burned by the dealer before the base card is placed on the table.
  • Players will then have a certain amount of time to place their bets on the card that they predict would be the next card.
  • To place bets, click on chip values and then on a position on the table. These include specific cards, Red, Black, Higher, Lower or Snap. You place a Snap bet when you believe that the next card will match the value of the base card. This gives high payouts, usually at a 12 to 1 rate.
  • After bets are placed, click on Confirm to post all bets.
  • After the betting time has elapsed, the game screen will display a “No More Bets” signal, and then three (3) more cards will be burned by the dealer. The fourth card will be displayed in the middle of the table.
  • This card will then become the base card for the following round.

As you can see, playing Live Hi-Lo is as basic as card games could get. There aren’t too many strategies that could be employed to improve winning probability in this game, but playing it could present loads of fun and excitement because wins are very frequent as it is!

Play Live Hi-Lo at TV Casino Live today!