Live Sic Bo

Live Sic Bo is based on the casino game of the same name, which is in turn based on a Chinese game played since ancient times. To casino players from the West, this game provides a certain appeal and mystique, since it could be considered a unique and exotic casino game. Meanwhile, Sic Bo is a staple game among the Asian casino punters, as it enjoys wide popularity and exposure among the players from the Asian regions. Since this game is widely in-demand nowadays, TV Casino Live also provides comprehensive info and live casinos that provide Live Sic Bo.

The Basics of Playing Live Sic Bo

The game of Sic Bo might prove daunting and confusing to understand for newbie casino players. Nevertheless, newbies would most likely get used to its basic mechanics in a few rounds of actual gameplay, if not several. Besides, Live Sic Bo is a very fun and thrilling casino game to play, so we’re pretty sure you’ll get the hang of it quite quickly.

In the most basic explanation, the game of Sic Bo is a game of dice; and as a player, your main game objective is to predict the outcome of the dice rolls. Live Sic Bo, like the standard Sic Bo game, is played with three (3) dice. The kinds of bets that players could place are the following:

  • Small or Big Bet – You win the Small Bet if the total sum of the three dice is 4 to 10; while you win the Big Bet when the dice turn in a total of 11 to 17. Neither Small nor Big Bet wins if the three dice are of the same number (three of a kind). The usual Live Sic Bo payout for this kind of bet is 1 to 1.
  • Pair or Match Bet – In this type of bet, you can make a wager on any of the 15 possible two dice combinations (for example 3 and 4; 2 and 5 or 2 and 6).If both of the numbers appear on the next roll, your bet will give you a payout rate of 5 to 1.
  • Single Number Bet – Placing a Single Number Bet on Live Sic Bo means you want a specific number to appear on as many dice as possible. Select a number from 1 to 6 and place your chip(s) on the corresponding area. If the chosen number appears 1 time your bet pays 1 to 1, if it appears 2 times your bet pays 2 to 1 and if it appears 3 times your bet pays 3 to 1.
  • Double and Triple Bet – On a Double Bet, you bet on a specific pair to appear (for example, two 4’s). If at least two of the numbers chosen appear, you win 10 to 1. While on a Triple Bet, you bet on a certain triple (for example three 1’s). Winning on Triple Bet gives humongous payouts usually ranging from 150 up to 180 to 1!
  • Any Triple Bet – Unlike the Triple Bet, you bet on any triple combination (as long as the dice rolls three same numbers). The usual payout here is 30 to 1.
  • Total Bet – On this type of bet, you wager on the sum of the three dice outcomes, which are numbers from 4 to 17. The minimum and maximum sums of 3 and 18 are excluded from this kind of bet.

Live Sic Bo packs in a lot of casino gaming fun, right? Enjoy it right here and now on TV Casino Live!