Live Caribbean Stud Poker

Caribbean Stud Poker is one of the most in-demand Live Games in TV Casino Live, and in other online gaming centres. If you know how to play the standard version of Poker, then you can readily play Caribbean Stud Poker. It has similar mechanics, except for one important aspect: who you pit you card combination with. In Caribbean Stud, you, as a live casino player, play against the Live Dealer or croupier and not against the other players on the poker table. The hand combinations and card draws of your seatmates matter zilch to you, actually; what matters is your hand, and the hand of the dealer. Some experts even say that technically, Caribbean Stud is not a Poker game, due to that significant aspect. Since players only play against the dealer or the house, then this is technically a casino game.

The Setup of Caribbean Stud Poker

Actually, playing Caribbean Stud is like playing Blackjack; their table setup is almost the same. It’s a semi-circular table with room for a single dealer on one side and seven players on the other side. Regarding the card setup, Caribbean Stud Poker is played with a 52 card deck, which is usually randomized using an automatic shuffling machine. On the players’ side of the table, each player has a spot on the table where he or she can place an “Ante” and a spot where he or she can place a “Bet.”

The Ante and Bet in Caribbean Stud Poker

The ante is a mandatory bet, and if you want to play, you have to make the ante bet. Once all the players have made their ante bet, the dealer takes sets of five cards for each player and for herself from the automatic shuffling machine. The dealer then reveals the top card of her five card hand to the players, who haven’t looked at their cards yet. Once she reveals her top card, you can then decide how good you think your five card hand is. This requires an understanding of the standard ranks of poker hands. If you don’t think you’re likely to win, you can fold. If you fold, you lose your ante, but no further money.

On the other hand, if you like your hand, to stay in you have to place an additional bet, which is always twice the size of the ante bet that you placed earlier. For example, if the Ante amount is £10, and you liked your hand, you would place an additional £20 in order to continue playing.

Playing Caribbean Stud Poker in a live casino site is one of your best bets if you really like playing card games and poker. Enjoy Caribbean Stud to the fullest here at TV Casino Live, Sign Up Now!