Live Baccarat

Live Baccarat is one of the simplest table games playable here at TV Casino Live and on other online casino hubs as well. With this fun casino game, online punters will certainly enjoy its fast-paced wagering and quick cash returns. Nevertheless, playing Live Baccarat might prove overwhelming to newbie casino players during their first rounds. If you’re one of them new punters, then there’s no need to fret, as we have here some newbie-friendly game strategies for playing Baccarat.

Player vs. Banker Who to Bet on?

Whether you’re playing Live Baccarat or standard online Baccarat (the one without live dealers), it is always more advantageous to Bet on the Banker instead of the Player. There are actually four (4) different bets that can be placed when playing Baccarat on a Live Casino, and the Banker bet offers the lowest house edge; usually pegged at 1.06%. Meanwhile, betting on the Player hand offers a 1.24% house edge, and the Tie and Pair bets are the absolute worst bets that anyone can consider, as they have 14.36% and 10.36% house edges, respectively. Any online punter who’s enjoying the Live Dealer Baccarat gaming action will always benefit and maintain their bankrolls more efficiently by betting on the Banker hand.

Is it Worth Betting on Tie?

To put it simply, betting on Tie is NOT ADVISABLE. Well, unless you’re a crazy online punter or you’d like to burn out your casino funds in a flash, then by all means, please bet on Tie! Betting on Tie is not advisable, especially for newbies, because it has an awfully low probability of materialising. Well, we’re not saying that it does not hit at all; it does occur, albeit occasionally. Actually it happens very rarely and only highly skilled Baccarat masters can predict its coming, by a reasonable probability. Despite the Tie bet having great payouts (it is usually 8 to 1, while some Live Baccarat games even offer 10 to 1), don’t be enticed by that high payout, because you will lose in the majority of instances.

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