Bet365 Casino Live Sic Bo

Bet365 Casino Live Sic Bo

Bet365 Casino Live Sic Bo is a game produced and maintained by Playtech. As of today, only Playtech offers this classic Asian game. It is a favourite among Asian casino punters, as Bet365 Casino Live Sic Bo is also shot live from Playtech’s studio in Asia; it is located specifically in Makati City, Philippines.

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Fantastic and Professional Asian Live Croupiers

The live dealers of Playtech’s studio in Makati City are, generally speaking, native Asians, and will often greet online punters in their own native language too, in addition to English. They are highly proficient in English as well, so you can readily chat with them, if you like. Also, they also wear a sort of traditional Asian uniform or costume. In our experience with them, these live croupiers are very welcoming, pleasant, professional, and evidently well-trained. Word has it that they were trained exclusively by veteran dealers from real-life Macau Casinos. All in all, the live dealers of Bet365 Casino Live Sic Bo by themselves have already made the game extremely fun and enjoyable to play.

The Basic Features of Bet365’s Live Sic Bo

One of the things we liked about the Live Sic Bo of Bet365 Live Casino is its betting options. Supporting a wide range of wagering options, with also some high wagering features for high rollers, Live Sic Bo will appeal to casino gamers from around the globe who love to up the stakes.

Nevertheless, some online punters may be put off by the large house edge rate on certain betting options, yet with so many thrilling wagering options provided, and some highly remarkable payout rates, Bet365 Casino Live Sic Bo it’s no wonder why this game quickly rose to fame. With its feature-packed gameplay and professional croupiers, this game is justly considered as one of the most celebrated games in Asian casinos. Moreover, its reputation is steadily spilling over to the West, and making itself known to the major European markets.

Playing Bet365 Casino Live Sic Bo

To start playing, you have to click on your desired chip amount, and then on the bet areas you wish to wager on – one click places one chip on the selected betting area. Remember, the objective is that you have to guess the outcome of the dice throw and the total amount, which can range from 3 up to 18. Big, Small, Odd and Even are the common betting options, but you can also make some Specific Double or Triple bets, Any Double or Triple bets, Three Dice Total bet and other options.

Once the player’s bets have been placed, the dealer activates the automated dice-shaker, and then the camera zooms in to reveal the dice outcome.

The user interface of Bet365 Casino Live Sic Bo is quite advanced yet very user-friendly. It follows the same intuitive layout of the other Playtech live dealer games.

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