BGO Casino Live Blackjack

BGO Casino Live Blackjack

BGO Live Casino is one of the newer gaming centres to offer live dealer games a couple of years back. Courtesy of the No.1 game software provider Playtech, this casino now also offers the BGO Casino Live Blackjack game. Similar to their other live casino offerings, this casino game is certainly one of the best titles where players can enjoy genuine blackjack gaming action, in a truly exciting and enticing environment!

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The BGO Casino Live Blackjack Titles

Two Live Blackjack games are provided for the BGO Live Casino, one in each of the Playtech studios. The first one is the standard Live Blackjack, while the other is the Live Blackjack Unlimited. Both of the game titles come with standard European rules. Getting a Blackjack hand pays 3 to 2, while the dealer stands when he or she gets a 17. Also, online punters can double down on any two cards; and can also double down after doing split and split Aces, albeit only once.

Online punters can select from the standard Blackjack tables or the branded BGO Casino tables, all of which have seven betting seats, where cards are dealt from an eight-deck shoe. Betting starts at a minimum of €5 and maximum wager is pegged at €500.

Playing BGO Casino Live Blackjack

For the benefit of our newbie punters out there, here is a simple explanation of the game’s standard rules and the moves a player can make.

Basic Moves: When playing the hand, there are different moves that can be made. Hitting is usually done when the hand is less than 16 and one card will be dealt to the player. Multiple hits can be used. Standing is done when the player does not wish to take any more cards. This is typical on a hand that values 17 or more; however, the player can stand on any value.

Double Down Move: Double down is a move that players make when they are happy with their two cards and they wish to double their bet. With this option, only one hit is allowed. It is also possible to split pairs if the two cards are of the same value. When this is done, players will then play two hands with two different bets.

Insurance Pay: On BGO Casino Live Blackjack, players are allowed to make an insurance pay to protect some of the wager amount that had been placed. If the dealer shows a face up card as an Ace, players will be presented with the chance to bet on the chance that the remaining card will provide the dealer with a Blackjack. The insurance bet can only be half of the original bet and the total. Of course, the chances of winning usually do not favour the player at all.

BGO Casino Live Blackjack is one of the finest versions of this famous love dealer game – guaranteed! Play it here at TV Casino Live, today!

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