Casino Tropez Live Blackjack

Casino Tropez Live Blackjack

One of the most in-demand live dealer games in the online gaming market, Casino Tropez Live Blackjack is a top notch product from Playtech Software. This unique take of the original Blackjack game designed for live casino sessions is played at well-designed and feature-rich casino tables with five (5) to seven (7) seats for online punters.

This Live Blackjack title is shot and broadcasted live from Playtech’s state-of-the-art studios at Riga, Latvia. Simply put, the quality of the video streams from Casino Tropez Live is undeniably amazing!

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Casino Tropez Live Blackjack’s Unlimited Version

In addition to the standard Live Blackjack table game of Casino Tropez, there is also another variant which features Unlimited PLAY. Contrary to the usual blackjack table that limits the number of players playing at the same time, Casino Tropez Live Unlimited Blackjack can hold any number of online punters!

With most Casino Tropez Live Blackjack tables rather busy, usually during peak hours, Live Unlimited Blackjack often comes to the rescue! As mentioned above, this Live Blackjack table can accommodate endless numbers of players, all at the same time. With professional and competent croupiers from Playtech’s Riga studio, all of the games are handled with finesse as they expertly conduct gameplay; no to mention that they are also always ready to chat with gamers thru the Live Chat feature. Due to the features mentioned, this modern blackjack iteration quickly became one of Casino Tropez’s top-grossing game titles.

Casino Tropez Live Blackjack’s Side Bet Features

This Live Blackjack version from Playtech is also feature-rich when it comes to Side Bets. Side Bets are always in-demand on blackjack tables because it increases the punters’ chances of winning, as they also boost the game’s level of sophistication and entertainment value.

  • Perfect Pairs: To place a Perfect Pairs side bet in Casino Tropez Live Blackjack, online punters have to place an initial ante bet on the game. They will then place a chip in the box marked Perfect Pairs. If the first two cards received appear as a pair of any kind, the side bet will win. If not, the wager is lost. The payouts on this side bet vary, depending on the pair. It can range from 6 to 1, up to 25 to 1.
  • 21+3: Another side bet feature for Casino Tropez Live Blackjack is 21+3. The ante bet is required here as well, and then the casino player can place his or her bet on the 21+3 box. Here, players are looking to create the best three-card poker hand – this is done by combining the first two cards dealt to the player with the dealer’s revealed card. On this side bet, payouts are based on the rank of the poker hand created by the combination.

Casino Tropez Live Blackjack is certainly one helluva fun game to play! Play it here at TV Casino Live, Join NOW!

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