Live Lottery

Unlike casino gaming and live gaming featuring slot games, poker, roulette and others, Live Lottery is still bound within national borders and more restricted by laws. Simply put, online punters have yet to enjoy a “super” lottery that sports an out of this world jackpot, and with a pool of players on a global scale. This is mainly because of interventions by state governments, and some public apprehensions about legalising gambling on such a large scale. Nonetheless, Live Lottery sites are here to entice and entertain those who love the numbers game. Country and area restrictions differ by site, and popular regions include the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia. Several of the online gaming centres that are featured here on TV Casino Live provide Live Lottery services.

Live Lottery in Australia

Australian lotteries are very different from the lotteries available in the other parts of the world, as they don’t require all participants to be physically present within the borders of the country to take part in any draws. Online ticket sales are handled by Oz Lotteries, which is an exclusive distributor of online lottery products for NSW Lotteries, Tattersalls, and SA Lotteries. The available games include Oz Lotto, Powerball, The Pools, Saturday X Lotto, Monday/Wednesday X Lotto and more.

Live Lottery in the UK

The United Kingdom is an extremely gambling-friendly country, so it should come as no surprise that buying your lottery tickets online isn’t much of a problem. The best way to get some action in the UK is to play in the National Lottery, which is operated by the Camelot Group and which attracts about 70% of the adult population of the country with each draw.

Live Lottery in the US

Despite infamous strict anti-gambling regulations, lottery games are fairly popular in the US, as they provide many states with a valuable source of income. However, there are no lotteries organized on the federal level, which means that players have to look to their respective states for a chance to gamble some of their hard-earned money. Most states offer a lottery that can be accessed by its residents as long as they’re staying within their physical borders.

Live Lottery in Canada

Much like in the case of the United States, buying your lottery tickets online has become a recent possibility for some of the Canadian residents. However, please note that this is a fairly recent development, which means that not every region’s online ticket sales are available for all provinces and territories, thus far. Nevertheless, there are plenty of other options available for Canadian punters here at TV Casino Live.

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