Platinum Play Casino Live Blackjack

Platinum Play Casino Live Blackjack

One of the best-selling live games featured here at TV Casino Live, the Live Blackjack game by Platinum Play Live Casino definitely lives up to its fabled renown. The game software that serves as its backbone is developed and maintained by Microgaming. The live blackjack game is shot live at the Microgaming studio located at Toronto, Canada. It exudes a nice and luxurious gaming ambiance, which is highly reminiscent of playing at a real land-based casino. Yes casino amigos, playing the Platinum Play Casino Live Blackjack certainly gives genuine casino gaming excitement!

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For those wanting to increase their chances in winning at Live Blackjack, we have gathered some useful tips for you:

  1. Choose a Live Table according to your bankroll amount – As a general rule or guideline, one such useful tip is to choose a blackjack table that provide minimum bets that are no greater than 5% of your total bankroll. This is a good guideline to follow in playing Platinum Play Casino Live Blackjack, or in other Live Blackjack games for that matter, because it would keep you playing for longer times, and allows you to get to the groove, or to your top playing form. Playing blackjack takes discipline, so you shouldn’t play live blackjack tables where the minimum bet allowed doesn’t suit your bankroll.
  2. Find a Good Blackjack Chart for Strategic Betting – The situations that can occur in any Live Blackjack game are so numerous, that players who are looking to win more will have to know the basic blackjack strategies and make use of them as much as possible. There are a variety of Blackjack charts available online, which can tell online punters how to play a certain hand, depending on the situation. Referencing these will not only make the player a smarter and better player, but will also allow for increased winning chances. Since this game is played online, these charts we mentioned can be used any time as well. Once you get used to the given situations and hand combinations, then you would surely do well in Live Blackjack with or without the help of the charts.
  3. Learn Card Counting for Live Blackjack – Card counting is a great blackjack strategy that can be used when playing live dealer games online. This involves knowing how many high and low cards are dealt from the deck. If players see a large amount of low cards being dealt, there is a good chance that the next cards will be of higher value, helping players to determine whether they should stand or hit a hand. Card counting cannot be used with standard online blackjack games, but can be employed with Platinum Play Casino Live Blackjack since the deal is live and not based on RNG algorithms.

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