Royal Vegas Casino Live Blackjack

Royal Vegas Casino Live Blackjack

One of the most sought after live games in the international gaming scene, Royal Vegas Casino Live Blackjack is a top notch product of Microgaming Software Systems. This version of the original Blackjack game designed for live gaming experience is played at well-designed tables with seven (7) seats for players. This Live Blackjack game is shot and broadcasted live located from the Microgaming studios at Toronto, Canada. The video quality of Royal Vegas Casino Live Blackjack is simply incredible!

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Basic Game Features

The gaming software of this live dealer blackjack version from Microgaming employs the standard European rules. This means that this blackjack variant is very newbie-friendly, and is thus highly recommended for new online punters. The user interface of this Live Blackjack by Royal Vegas Casino is utterly comprehensive and easy to use. It is quite simple and plain, and it does not have a chat function. Neither does it have a Side Bet feature as well.

Nevertheless, online punters can join the betting action anytime, even while the table is full, because of the intuitive Bet Behind feature. In this feature, online punters can place their bets on any of the other players seated at the table. Dealt from an eight-deck shoe and allotting 15 seconds per hand for the bet placement process, Royal Vegas Casino Live Blackjack offers some quick-fire casino action!

Main Pros of Playing Live Blackjack at Royal Vegas

As mentioned above, the best thing about this great product from Microgaming is the video quality, and the advanced, yet comprehensive user interface. Here are other major factors that we observed while reviewing the Royal Vegas Casino Live Blackjack game:

  • The Bet Behind feature in this game is highly useful! Even if the casino tables are packed, you can still place your wager anytime.
  • The user interface of the software ensures that the quality of video and audio are at optimal levels, depending on the player’s Net connection stability and speed. You can actually tweak the video and audio quality according to your preferences.
  • The location and setting of this live blackjack game is very appropriate for casino gaming. The general ambiance of the studio is well suited for long gaming sessions. Unlike the other online casino providers, the Microgaming studios also present non-intrusive ambient sounds, as you cannot hear distracting sounds from the other tables while playing.
  • The Royal Vegas Casino Live Blackjack dealers are all professional and pleasant. They speak in a clear voice (in good, audible English) and their movements are unobtrusive as well. They do not make any unnecessary movements as they handle the cards and roulette table very well.

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