Titan Bet Casino Live Blackjack

Titan Bet Casino Live Blackjack

One of the top-grossing live dealer games featured here at TV Casino Live, Titan Bet Casino Live Blackjack certainly lives up to its legendary status and fame. The system software and services that serves as its foundations are produced and maintained by Playtech systems. This live dealer blackjack game is shot in real-time at the Playtech studio located at Riga, Latvia. It projects a pleasant and grand gaming ambiance, which is favourably reminiscent of playing at a real land-based casino. Aye casino friends, playing the Titan Bet Casino Live Blackjack certainly grants some authentic casino gaming delight and thrills!

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Useful Strategies in Playing Live Blackjack

If you’re an avid blackjack junkie, then most likely, you’d want to boost your chances of winning. To help you out, TV Casino Live has collected some useful strategies and best practices in playing Live Blackjack:

Know When to Use Insurance and Not to – With some live dealer blackjack games, players will be allowed to take insurance to protect some of the wager that has been placed. If the dealer shows a face up card as an Ace, players will be presented with the chance to bet on the chance that he remaining card will provide the dealer with a blackjack. The insurance bet can only be half of the original bet and overall, the chances of winning usually do not favour the player. Fortunately though, Titan Bet Casino Live Blackjack by Playtech has a built-in Insurance feature. You can readily use it on your blackjack sessions.

Consider Learning and Utilising Card Counting Techniques – Card counting is one of the great skills that can be mastered when playing Titan Bet Casino Live Blackjack and it can greatly increase the chances of winning. While some players think that counting cards is almost impossible, there are some easy ways to begin. Always take time to review and choose the right card counting technique. For newbies, the KO and Hi-Lo techniques are very appropriate, since they are less sophisticated compared to the other techniques. As a punter gains more confidence and mastery of these techniques, he or she can start using more advanced techniques for better results on.

Select a Live Table that Matches Your Gaming Funds – As a general guideline one useful tip is to choose a blackjack table that provides minimum bets that are no greater than 5% of your total gaming funds at present. This is a good to follow in playing Titan Bet Casino Live Blackjack, or in other Live Blackjack games for that matter, because it would keep you playing for longer times, and allows you to get to the groove, or to your top playing form.

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